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Viper Plagiarism Scanner

Viper is an easy to use and accurate plagiarism scanner for students scanning against billions of online sources.

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Introducing Viper Plagiarism Checker: your one stop solution for all your plagiarism checking needs.

Easy to use, fast and accurate, Viper takes your work and scans it against billions of online books, journals and texts to find matched content. Give yourself piece of mind when submitting your next piece of work by scanning it with Viper Plagiarism Checker.

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Any plagiarism (parts of your work that are identical to existing text already published elsewhere without appropriate credit being given) found in your work is classed as cheating, and this is taken extremely seriously in the eyes of academic institutions. Even if you accidentally left something in that wasn't in your own words or forgot to quote a reference, it could jeopardise your studies and possibly your future career. Most plagiarism is accidental, but once it has been submitted, the damage is done.

Our plagiarism software, Viper, will help you to identify and resolve any potential plagiarism issues before submitting your work. In just a few minutes, you can sign up and scan your work, giving you a clear indication of any matching content. Viper even links to the matched content it has found on the internet, so you can check each match yourself. Armed with this information, you can solve any potential plagiarism issues, making sure everything is correctly paraphrased and referenced before submission, giving you one less thing to worry about!

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Educational Institutions

If you're an educational professional, then our plagiarism software can check your students' work against billions of online sources to ensure that your students are producing original work. We offer bundle packages and can work with teachers and educational institutions to provide a plagiarism solution that suits your needs. Please contact us for further details.

Viper for Businesses

Viper works for web plagiarism, too! Viper is great at identifying matching content, academic or not. We can help you to check content before publishing it to your website or blog to ensure you encounter no SEO issues. With a powerful interface and fast scanning speed, Viper can help you publish your content with confidence, every time.

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